Specialist Materials for Industry & Science

Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

“Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.”

Through the niche applications they were engineered for, our products play a pivotal role in driving the innovations needed to modernize infrastructure.

Upon understanding Goal 9 we have found many ways in which we and our products are positive contributors. Here we’ve highlighted two prime examples of M&I Materials products directly enabling innovation in industry where it did not exist before, and how they improve the resiliency of the infrastructures which growing populations all over the world are increasingly depending on.

MIDEL Retrofilling Programs

Replacing the non-biodegradable mineral oil often found in ageing  electrical transformers with MIDEL upgrades the assets and improves resiliency across power networks. By upgrading the infrastructure this also extends asset life while improving performance, safety and environmental protection.

In cities worldwide including Berlin, Mexico City, Delhi, Singapore, Montreal and others, MIDEL is increasingly deployed where ageing transformer fleets need to be revitalized in order to better, and more safely serve the densely-packed populations nearby.

Since retrofilling with MIDEL makes the transformer fire-safe, it reduces the clearances needed to separate the transformer from other things around it; this in turn frees up valuable space around the transformer – creating smaller substations and making space available for other uses, such as residential property or for other valuable infrastructure.

Metrosil varistors (first commercialised in 1937) are used in generation as well as the transmission and distribution (T&D) sectors within the power industry.

Metrosil acts as an electrical safety valve, providing reliable protection to vital equipment and insulation. With a proven track record, Metrosil is the preferred solution for demanding environments, notably in hydropower generation, which comprise the world’s largest electricity generation plants.

For example, at the Three Gorges Dam in China, Metrosil silicon carbide varistors are used to protect against power surges through the rapid dissipation of heat.

“Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”

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