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Goal 11- Sustainable Cities & Communities

“Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”

At M&I Materials we make products which help our customers to safely deliver sustainable cities and communities.

As urban populations grow, it will be essential for an efficient and sustainable supply of electricity to be maintained across the grid. This will mean installing transmission and distribution infrastructure, such as transformers and substations, in close quarters to homes and offices.

As a proven (safer, greener) alternative insulating fluid to mineral oil, MIDEL provides solutions to many electrical engineering challenges, being far safer in operation due to a higher fire point, and more environmentally friendly than conventional fluids due to higher levels of biodegradability. Using ester fluids allows transformers to be designed with a much smaller footprint, by mitigating the need for walls and enclosures for fire protection.

In examining our contributions towards Goal 11, we’ve chosen to highlight how our MIDEL ester transformer fluids are improving power networks in cities and municipalities across India. This example is replicated in many other cities around the world which are facing many of the same challenges.

MIDEL chosen for urban substation transformers in Mumbai

Mumbai utility AEML, faced with the costliest land in India, opted to integrate a new transformer into an existing substation. The MIDEL technical team advised regarding the challenges of deploying a new transformer in a densely populated area with minimal land or space available.

The key driver for selecting MIDEL was fire safety (>300°C fire point), low net calorific value (30.8MJ/Kg), higher oxidation stability, environmental protection, and environmental protection – key factors in such a heavily populated location.

With this project, AEML became the first operator in India to use a synthetic organic ester fluid in a 220 kV transformer.

MIDEL usage in India exemplifies how our expertise translates to innovation. We have been instrumental in moving the country’s electrical sector towards safer, greener power networks for its growing cities.

“Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”

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