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Sustainability Statement

From Giles Salt, CEO

“Even though we’ve always embraced sustainability, in the past year we have adopted a more robust structure to better direct our future efforts”

The word ‘journey’ can sometimes be overused in describing change or progression. But, in the past 12 months since announcing our sustainability drive, I am really pleased about the progress we are making.

It a continuation of an existing journey and one to which we’re strongly committed. Our journey has meant asking questions about our products and their role in creating a more sustainable planet; about the efficiency of our manufacturing facilities; about the role of our supply chain, among others.

A powerful development has been the collective recognition in the value of sustainability to our business, in both the industries we serve and our personal lives. That new mindset has further encouraged the cultural shift here at M&I Materials.

Sustainability considerations now effect day to day business decisions around capital expenditure, human resources, travel, new product development and other core functions.

We are pleased to see that this continued improvement is evident in our new Ecovadis rating. These developments are covered in this report and demonstrate, merely by their nature, the collective efforts which have contributed to the progress we’ve made.

Furthermore, we explain in the report how our products contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals through their real-world impact. Examples range from developing new EV battery technology with world-leading brands through to supporting large scale renewable energy projects. We’ve also developed a new end-of-life product for the transformer industry, and we’ve launched completely new part to our business dedicated to helping manufacturers swap out mineral oil-derived lubricants for environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Sustainability also means looking after our communities, both within M&I Materials and outside. For our teams we have done what we can to ease the high living costs with early bonus payments, more frequent pay reviews and improving our maternity and paternity policies.

In the wider community we have been raising money for Lifeshare, a voluntary organisation dedicated to addressing the needs of homeless and vulnerable individuals in Manchester and Salford. They are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and we have nominated them as our charity partner for the duration of 2024.

In summary, our progress over this past year is extremely encouraging, not least because it puts the company on a structured path to always being the best version of itself, today and in the times to come.

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