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Sustainability Statement

From Giles Salt, CEO

“It feels like we’ve always done this, but we know there’s so much more we can do”

Long before sustainability became such a prominent concept, M&I Materials was actively researching, developing, and manufacturing a range of advanced materials that made a direct, verifiable, positive difference in the markets where they were used. And we produced them with a growing awareness of our responsibility to sound environmental stewardship.

Today, this approach continues, and our work has never been so relevant to a world facing real and unrelenting challenges – the environment, climate change, population growth and energy demands, to name a few.

Humanity’s drive to address those issues are registering loud and clear with companies around the globe; the focus now is the pursuit of sustainability, and it’s one of the biggest challenges facing economies today. For us, this means we must continue our drive to innovate and develop advanced materials that make the world a better place.

My sustainability vision for M&I Materials is to build on the great progress we’ve made so far and achieve more verifiable milestones in this critical journey. A key part of our approach involves aligning our vision with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; this will help us to clearly signpost our vision and guide our work in the years to come.

Honesty, integrity and transparency are values at the core of M&I Materials and a reflection of sincere personal and family tenets. They are also vital elements of sustainability, and by continuing to apply these values to our business, I believe sustainability in all its permutations will find its way into everything we do.

Like all businesses that strive to be successful and remain valid, this will be a ceaseless endeavour. There is no room for complacency. But working together with our employees, our customers, and our partners, I know great things will be achieved.

Giles Salt

Giles Salt, CEO

The M&I Materials Sustainability Report

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