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Excellence in Tungsten


Wolfmet represents more than 40 years’ experience in the end to end production of tungsten alloy. We excel at turning powder into parts and precision machining tungsten alloy to produce high quality components to very tight tolerances.

At 90-97% tungsten, Wolfmet products benefit from the metal’s density and radiation shielding capabilities. Our team of professionally qualified metallurgists and experienced engineers provide customers with support and guidance on manufacturability.

We can also 3D print pure tungsten using our revolutionary additive manufacturing process – Wolfmet 3D. It is perfect for the manufacture of high-precision components such as collimators and radiation shields in imaging systems. To find out more visit Wolfmet 3D.


Wolfmet produce both stock materials and complex machined components efficiently from tungsten alloy – providing designers, OEMs and sub-contractors with the confidence to specify tungsten alloy for demanding applications in aerospace, radiation shielding, motor sport and vibration damping.


Wolfmet manufacturing facilities are geared to produce tungsten alloy for both short lead-time, short-run items and longer lead-time series production articles. Our focus is the ability to meet your production schedules and tailor responses to provide the best tungsten alloy solutions.


Wolfmet is an international supplier certified to ISO9001 and AS9100, as well as also achieving numerous high profile tungsten alloy supplier accreditations.  With expertise, quality approvals and resources, the dedicated team at Wolfmet travel extensively to manage critical tungsten alloy projects.


The Wolfmet facility occupies over 13,000m2 of land with 5,100m2 dedicated to production. Many advanced machine tools accompany the modern tungsten alloy manufacturing processes and procedures that have been developed and deployed within the company.

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