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High-performing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants


Performance Biolubricants is a division of M&I Materials and is dedicated to developing high-performing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) for demanding applications.

Our business is borne out of a rich heritage of manufacturing and commercialising product for the industrial lubricants markets for well over 100 years.

Introducing MI240 

MI240 is a range of synthetic ester-based lubricating fluids with excellent levels of oxidation resistance. Its inherent stability and low carbon residue properties provides numerous advantages over traditional lubricants.

Due to being readily and fully biodegradable, unlike ‘traditional’ mineral oils, MI240 is proven to be environmentally friendly and outperforms the hardest-wearing oils in a range of applications. These include as a hydraulic fluid for injection moulding, and as a lubricant for chains and motors.

The MI240 BioLubricant Fluid Range

Hydraulic fluids: MI240 ISO VG 32, 46 and 68 high-performing biolubricants for all hydraulic systems, specifically designed for plastic moulding hydraulic systems, ‘working close to water ’civil contracting equipment and agricultural hydraulic systems.

Bicycle chain fluids: MI240 ISO VG 68 and ISO VG 68 SCP high-performing biolubricants for all-weather cycle chain protection and lubrication. ‘SCP’ affords additional road salt corrosion protection.

Forestry chain fluid: MI240 CSO Bio high-performing biolubricant compliant with forestry regulations for specialist agricultural equipment such as chainsaws, tree harvesters and saw-mill chains.

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