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Liquid Immersion Cooling

Liquid Immersion Cooling

MIVOLT’s mission is to develop the safest, most effective dielectric fluids for direct immersion cooling of battery systems and power electronics – enabling the next generation of safer, cooler, greener electrical systems.

Direct immersion cooling with MIVOLT maintains optimal temperatures efficiently, effectively and safely. As dielectric fluids, the MIVOLT range offers a simple solution to temperature control.

MIVOLT liquids can come into direct contact with electrically conductive components, taking heat directly away from the source more effectively than indirect cooling systems such as cold plates and heat sinks. Their low pour points ensure maximum performance – even in colder climates. A K3 class fire safe variant (>300°C) minimises fire risks, whilst non-toxic and biodegradable characteristics across the range mitigates health and environmental risks.

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