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The World’s Leading Brand
of Ester Transformer Fluids


MIDEL is the world’s leading brand of ester-based dielectric transformer fluids and is chosen by utilities and OEMs worldwide because of its excellent track record and ability to minimise risk.

We offer a family of three ester fluids – our synthetic ester MIDEL 7131 and two natural ester fluids, MIDEL eN 1204 (rapeseed/canola) and MIDEL eN 1215 (soybean). All MIDEL ester fluids provide the crucial combination of fire safety and environmental protection properties absent in mineral oil, while significantly extending transformer life. They can also significantly extend the life of your transformers. Synthetic and natural esters have been successfully used in new and retrofitted liquid-filled electrical equipment installations for many years. To see how mineral oil compares to esters please visit our Fluids Comparison.

As well as offering a safe alternative to mineral oil, we pride ourselves on being the experts ester-based dielectric fluids and delivery of unparalleled levels of technical support. For assistance in choosing the right fluid for your project contact us today. To learn more about esters visit About Esters.

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