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Apiezon High Vacuum Sealants, Lubricants and Etch Resist

Apiezon is a range of vacuum sealants, lubricants and etch resist products which are favoured around the world because of their quality, consistency and excellent performance in vacuum applications.

At M&I Materials we have been developing and producing Apiezon products for over 80 years and pride ourselves on delivering manufacturing excellence and high standards of technical support.

Apiezon products have an enviable track record in many fields ranging from aerospace to cryogenics and are the primary choice for high vacuum applications.

Customers in the UK and Europe can now buy small quantities of Apiezon high vacuum greases online from the APIEZON SHOP.

The new addition to the Apiezon vacuum grease range is Apiezon PFPE 501, a chemically inert, high temperature and extreme pressure lubricant.

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