Specialist Materials for Industry & Science

Our Products

At M&I Materials we pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality specialist materials for industry and science. Our diverse portfolio of products has been successfully serving markets around the globe for many years.

Apiezon is a range of high vacuum sealants, lubricants and etch resist products which are favoured because of their quality, consistency and excellent performance in vacuum applications.

Metrosil non-linear resistors are high performance surge protection devices that provide excellent service in a wide range of applications from the effects of overvoltages.

Performance Biolubricants are a range of high performing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) and base liquids for hydraulic, chain and motor applications.

Wolfmet high performance tungsten heavy alloy is widely used in aerospace, motor racing and nuclear medicine applications. Wolfmet 3D is printed pure tungsten using new additive manufacturing processes. 

For a complete list of all the products M&I Materials provide please see our A-Z Product Guide or you can download the M&I Materials Corporate Brochure by selecting the links below:

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