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Specialist Materials for Industry and Science



At M&I Materials we pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality specialist materials for industry and science. Our diverse portfolio of products has been successfully serving markets around the globe for many years.

Our technical and engineering teams are focused on applications optimisation and product development. Consequently, we operate our own laboratories and work closely with external test laboratories around the world, including the Schering Institute in Germany, CESI in Italy and TjH2B in the UK.

Apiezon is a range of high vacuum sealants, lubricants and etch resist products which are favoured because of their quality, consistency and excellent performance in vacuum applications. Apiezon products have an enviable track record in many fields ranging from aerospace to cryogenics and are the primary choice for high vacuum applications. Visit the Apiezon website

Customers in the UK and Europe can now buy small quantities of Apiezon high vacuum greases online from the APIEZON SHOP.

To buy Apiezon online today click Buy Apiezon High Vacuum Greases Online from APIEZON SHOP 

Metrosil non-linear resistors are high performance surge protection devices that provide excellent service in a wide range of applications. Metrosil is manufactured from a semi-conducting material with the distinctive property that its electrical resistance depends on the applied voltage enabling it to act as an 'electrical safety valve', protecting equipment and insulation from the effects of over voltages. Millions of Metrosil varistors have been sold throughout the world with current ratings varying from microamps to kiloamps and the capability of absorbing energies from 10 to 50,000 joules per disc. Visit the Metrosil website

Midel is the world’s leading brand of ester-based dielectric fluids and is chosen by utilities and transformer manufacturers worldwide because of its excellent track record and ability to minimise risk.

We offer two types of ester - our synthetic ester MIDEL 7131 and our natural ester MIDEL eN, both provide the crucial combination of fire safety and environmental protection properties that are absent in mineral oil. They can also significantly extend the life of your transformers. Synthetic and natural esters have been successfully used in new and retrofitted liquid-filled electrical equipment installations for many years. To see how mineral oil compares to esters please visit our Fluids Comparison

 Visit the Midel website

MIVOLT is a range of dielectric liquid coolants suitable for the thermal management of electrical systems. As non-conducting fluids, the range offers a simple solution to temperature control because they can come into direct contact with components – taking heat directly away from the source with no reliance on a secondary indirect cooling system.

 Visit the MIVOLT website

Wolfmet is a high performance tungsten heavy alloy with an excellent track record in applications ranging from aerospace to motor racing and nuclear medicine. High density tungsten alloy is commonly used to add balance or vibration damping mass and as an effective shielding from radiation. Visit the Wolfmet website

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