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History of M&I Materials

The history of M&I Materials is one of a unique fusion of tradition and progress, with a rich heritage in innovations made by the countless employees who built the company in to what it is today.

Key Events Timeline:

  1. 1899 - Foundation

    The history of M&I Materials begins with The British Westinghouse Company
    (later renamed Metropolitan-Vickers)

  2. 1901 - The Mica Insulator Company (M&I)

    The Mica Insulator Company (M&I) is founded by the Berkeley brothers.

  3. 1902 - New Premises

    The company acquires new premises at Walthamstow, London

  4. 1906 - The Micanite & Insulators Co. Ltd

    Company name changed to The Micanite & Insulators Co. Ltd

  5. 1919 - Vickers acquisition

    British Westinghouse acquired by Vickers Ltd and changes name to The Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company (Metrovicks)

  6. 1926 - Apiezon discovered!

    Bill Burch discovers Apiezon Oils.

  7. 1929 - AEI formed

    Metrovicks and M&I join the Associated Electrical Industries (AEI) group and AEI expands the Walthamstow plant

  8. 1933 - Apiezon Products Registered

    Apiezon Products Ltd (APL) is registered

  9. 1937 - Metrosil On Mass

    First mass-production of Metrosil

  10. 1944 - War Effects Walthamstow

    WWII bombs fall on Walthamstow plant disrupting production

  11. 1947 - Metrovicks Research Becomes AEI Research
  12. 1959 - Metropolitan-Vickers Merger

    AEI incorporate the Metropolitan-Vickers name into a universal AEI brand

  13. 1967 - AEI Acquired by GEC

    AEI (and M&I) are acquired by GEC. M&I’s production is moved from Walthamstow to Trafford Park

  14. 1979 - MIDEL Transformer Fluid Is Patented

    Holt & Waddington’s MIDEL transformer fluid is patented

  15. 1981 - MIDEL 1st Rail Application

    MIDEL is used in its first rail application

  16. 1988 - M&I Buys Out Shell’s Share In APL

    M&I also acquire the high density metals activity of Electro Precision Components Ltd

  17. 1989 - M&I Begin Production Of Tungsten-Heavy Alloys

    Also, the power generation arm of GEC merges with CGE to form GEC ALSTHOM

  18. 1990 - M&I Changes To GEC ALSTHOM (M&I) LTD
  19. 1993 - Management Buyout From GEC ALSTHOM

    Colin Salt completes management buyout from GEC ALSTHOM, forming M&I Materials Ltd. Mica activities are sold off by GEC ALSTHOM

  20. 1998 – M&I Materials Ltd In The USA

    M&I acquires Inland Vacuum Industries Inc

  21. 2001 - Power Development (Part Of Spirent Plc) Acquired

    M&I Materials Ltd acquires the silicon carbide activity of Power Development

  22. 2003 - New Premises For M&I Materials

    M&I Materials Ltd move to new facility at Hibernia Way, Trafford Park

  23. 2004 - MIDEL Production On The Move!

    MIDEL production moves to the new premises at Hibernia Way, Trafford Park

  24. 2009 - Production Up And International Awards!

    Second new production line for MIDEL installed and M&I Materials Ltd receive the Queen’s Award for International Trade

  25. 2010 - HRH The Prince Of Wales Visits M&I Materials

  26. 2018 - The launch of MIVOLT dielectric fluids

    MIVOLT begins its mission to develop the safest, most effective dielectric fluids for direct immersion cooling of battery systems and power electronics – enabling the next generation of safer, cooler, greener electrical systems.

  27. 2021 - The launch of MI240 Performance BioLubricants

    Following extensive market research and rigorous field trials, the Performance Biolubricants business was launched in 2021.

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