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A Strong International Business

M&I Materials Limited is dedicated to manufacturing Specialist Materials for Industry and Science and is the driving force behind a portfolio of successful brands Apiezon®Metrosil®, Performance Biolubricants and Wolfmet®.

Headquartered in the UK, M&I Materials Limited is an international company, serving customers located in 65+ countries around the globe. We are an independently owned, financially strong organisation with a track record of steady growth.

We operate through a team of professional and friendly business development managers who are ably assisted by a worldwide network of distributors, service partners and an excellent customer service team. Our customers also have the benefit of exceptionally high levels of technical support from a group of multilingual applications engineers and product experts.

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Technical Excellence

Our head office is housed on a 13,000mpurpose-built site. We are certified to the international quality and environmental standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001; and the demanding aerospace quality standard AS9100 for our Wolfmet tungsten alloy business. We are committed to manufacturing excellence and continued development and have invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in order to produce products to world-class standards.

Our technical and engineering teams are focused on application optimisation and product development. We have our own laboratories and also work closely with external test laboratories around the world, including the Schering Institute in Germany, CESI in Italy and TjH2B in the UK.

M&I are proud of our strong links with a number of leading global universities, for example, we have a long-standing relationship with the University of Manchester, particularly the Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, and Material Science departments.

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and have made significant reductions in waste and scrap by improving manufacturing processes and successfully implementing an Integrated Prevention of Pollution Control strategy.

Investment Driven

Modern manufacturing is critically dependent on investment for successful performance, growth and market leadership. M&I Materials Limited brings significant benefits to the customers by investing in the right people, machinery and production processes to both meet customer demands and provide a safe, respectful and positive environment for the team.

We have policies on health and safety in the work place, business ethics, dignity at work and equal opportunities. There are sponsored self-improvement arrangements and all staff participate in a profit sharing scheme. We have also recently set up an Employee Support Programme designed to help the individual deal with life’s many challenges.

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