Specialist Materials for Industry & Science

Our products, along with our materials science knowledge are helping to bring about the greener, safer and more efficient industries of tomorrow. DISCOVER M&I MATERIALS Specialist Materials for Industry and Science The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva We want the world to become a better and more sustainable place with M&I Materials as part of it. Our sustainability drive means shaping how we develop our products and changing our behaviour for the better. SUSTAINABILITY Serious About Sustainable Development The M&I Materials Sustainability Strategy Trusted to perform in the most demanding conditions in the world (and sometimes off it), Apiezon is known as the original vacuum grease. DISCOVER APIEZON Out of This World Capabilities The International Space Station (ISS) and the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft Metrosil silicon carbide varistors protects some of the world’s largest substations and power stations from catastrophic overvoltage events. DISCOVER METROSIL Keeping the Lights On The Three Gorges Dam, China - protected by Metrosil Trusted by leading names in aerospace, nuclear medicine and motorsport, Wolfmet tungsten alloy components are used in the most demanding scientific and high performance applications. DISCOVER WOLFMET Turning Powder into Parts Wolfmet tungsten alloy components are used across entire fleets of commercial airliners Our range of high-performing EAL fluids for drivechains and hydraulic systems deliver numerous advantages over traditional mineral based oils. DISCOVER MI240 The Path of Least Resistance Ultra-low oxidation properties mitigate component wear and the effects of hydraulic system varnishing.

M&I Materials Limited is dedicated to manufacturing Specialist Materials for Industry and Science and is the driving force behind a portfolio of successful business lines including Apiezon, MetrosilPerformance Biolubricants and Wolfmet.

An independent company, M&I Materials Limited has built a strong global business based on delivering technical excellence and high standards of customer service to niche markets around the globe.

Born out of the research division of GEC Alsthom, M&I Materials Limited combines the proven pedigree of long-standing products with the research and development expertise to bring new solutions to market.


Products Engineered to Lead Industries

A range of specialist greases, waxes and oils for use in industrial and scientific high vacuum process applications and equipment.


A range of non-linear resistors used to protect equipment and electrical insulation from the effects of over voltages.


High performing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) and base liquids for hydraulic, chain and motor applications.


Tungsten heavy alloy used for adding balance, or as vibration damping mass, or providing effective radiation shielding.


M&I Materials Limited is an international company with headquarters in the UK, supplying to customers in 60+ countries around the globe.

We operate through a team of professional and friendly business development managers who are ably assisted by a worldwide network of distributors and an excellent customer service team. Our customers also have the benefit of exceptionally high levels of technical support from a group of multilingual product experts.

Clients Include

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